Laundry Soap 72% Traditional 150g

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Laundry soap Meridian 72% in a wrapper of 200 g. Purpose: Designed for sanitary-hygienic and household purposes - washing hands, dishes, washing products from various fabrics. Method of application: Moisten soap and hands with water, rub, rinse with water. Precautions: Laundry solid soap does not have a general toxic, irritating, skin-resorptive and allergenic effect. Storage conditions: Storage is carried out in dry, closed, well-ventilated rooms (manufacturer and consumer).

Storage of soap together with fertilizers, bleaches and other substances that affect the organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics of soap is not allowed. Ingredients: Sodium salts of fatty acids of natural fats and oils, water, glycerin, sodium chloride, antioxidant. Expiration date: 36 months

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